Help more patients get well while making your practice more efficient and profitable. Have Total Practice Freedom!

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The Busch All Cash Academy is not just another seminar, it is a SOLUTION!

Unlike any program that has ever existed! The Busch All Cash Academy provides you with perfected marketing, phone techniques, patient guidance procedures. Learn how to develop individualized patient care programs, and retain patients on supportive care plans. Accompanied by personal coaching, and support, you will gain the confidence to start more patients, and get them results!

With the Busch All Cash Academy you will be able to create, and manage the ideal, stress-free and financially rewarding cash practice you have always wanted. Turn your life around in 72 hours!


* Allows you to help more patients!
* Helps you bring in qualified, and compliant patients!
* Takes away control of the insurance companies!
* Gives you a protocol to treat patients the way you want to!
* Makes you a DISC SPECIALIST!
* Provides you with more time for family and loved ones!
* Gives you predictability!
* Is profitable, successful and respected!

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