Dr. Jack Ashton

Dr. Ashton is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Upon his graduation, he immediately opened his own office; within a year he accepted an offer to open a prototype clinic and spearhead the opening of multiple like-clinics, all of which operated on a 100% prepaid case fee cash basis. He has practiced in Indianapolis since his graduation and was one of the first doctors in Indiana to create, own and operate a successful multi-disciplinary practice. He is also one of the very first doctors in the United States to offer axial decompression for his patients.

Utilizing his creative marketing acumen and structured organizational skills he went on to create one of the most successful decompression practices of its time. As a result of his success in the decompression industry, he became intimately involved in the development of the first competitive decompression table to be marketed in the U.S., the DRS System. During its development, he worked with renowned neurosurgeon C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD and was involved with most of the major principals of what would now be considered the “Big Three” in the decompression industry today. Dr. Ashton is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the decompression industry, and he totally understands the business of running a successful decompression cash practice.
Dr. Ashton is recognized as an authority on axial decompression and running a pre-paid case fee cash practice and he is an accomplished health care practitioner with the kind of real life and practical experience only a very few can claim.