Candid, unrehearsed interviews with brand new
Freedom Awaits/All Cash Practice members at the completion of the 3 day program.
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Click the Play button below to hear what Dr. Kouimanis had to say almost a year after implementing the Freedom Awaits/All Cash Practice program in his practice.
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Everything that Busch All Cash Academy teaches is practical and necessary. The best business schools in the country could not develop a better business strategy.

Processes and scripts are already done for you and there is no guess work.

It is easy to identify what you need to include in your office because there is a right way to do it and there is a wrong way and if you are not following the process you know exactly how to fix it.

Makes training so much easier because the office does not run based on one individuals knowledge, it runs based off of the process

You can cross train people quickly

You can educate a new staff member with little effort.

The week we began using Busch All Cash Academy we went from selling 40% to 80% and have continued to improve since then.

The staff understands what they need to do to help the patient and they understand what they need to do to make the doctors life easier.

The support that they give to clients is exceptional! We have received far more then we could have ever expected. Your return on investment is immediate and extremely high.

If you want to be miserable in your business and hate going to work every day and losing money by the minute then by all means do not work with freedom awaits. But if you want to be like us – EXCITED FOR EVERY WORKDAY – HAPPY with how much we have improved – and no longer worrying about finances then run to the phone and tell Dr Ashton you need to join today!

J.W. – Office Manager