Become part of an elite group that will cultivate you into an absolute expert. A doctor who knows how to establish a highly organized, gold standard cash practice that runs like a well oiled machine. Where good control and communication are used to motivate a patient to accept care and take responsibility for their condition, giving them results no other doctors has ever provided them. This will give you unquestioned respect with your patients and the medical community around you, leading to a larger referral base.

Busch All Cash Academy will:


  • Train you to exactly duplicate the methods and procedures Dr. Busch uses in his practice. These have been the key to Dr. Busch’s success in practice. These fundemantals have led to him having the largest, single-practitioner, case fee spinal decompression cash practices in the world.
  • Teach you the seven principles. These are the  philosophies that drive and make a prosperous cash based practice.
  • On-site training. You will train directly under Dr. Richard E. Busch III, in his own facility. You will be taught hands on how to apply the patient handling techniques and  philosophies that will ensure the best possible patient results in your office.
  • Help you to achieve the highest patient acceptance and compliance for the  greatest patient commitment to care,  best results and highest retention.
  • Provide you ongoing personal support via teleconferences, online training, and onsite consultations to review and ensure proper implementation of the protocol and procedures for both you and your staff.
  • Train you on the unique and patient centered DRS Protocol developed by Dr. Richard Busch.
2012 Seminar Dates
To sign up for a seminar, call Busch All Cash Academy at
(866) 662-2225 or email

Freedom Awaits Program Details

Busch All Cash Academy
Will Significantly Impact Your Total Practice Freedom!



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“The money that I paid you guys for the seminar, I made back in the first two and a half weeks I was back… it’s been a breath of fresh air since we’ve come back… it’s been really great!

– Dr. Larry Wilkins: Freedom Awaits/Busch All Cash Academy Member

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