Program Details

* The Busch All Cash Academy (BACA) program is presented on site at the Busch Chiropractic Clinic in Fort Wayne, Indiana Wednesday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm and Saturday from 8:30am to 11:30am on the dates designated by BACA. Each doctor in attendance will be trained to create a successful pre-paid case fee cash practice and how to become recognized as a disc specialist in their community.

* Each doctor in attendance will receive training manuals containing BACA proprietary copyrighted materials. The information in these manuals provides the necessary resources to assist the doctor in implementing what is taught at the Busch Chiropractic Clinic. This training program is a prerequisite to the complete understanding and application of the information in these manuals. There are exact procedures, protocols and scripts that must be followed and implemented to be successful. This is a step by step process which begins with the 1st phone call and is followed through consultation reports and care! These procedures apply not only to staff but also to the doctor. They are detailed and exact, not just visit to visit, but word by word and by patient type or category.

* The program has been put together as a step by step process that can be duplicated and implemented successfully by anyone who has received the training, studies and understands the materials, and applies the procedures exactly as it is trained.

* Each client receives a full year of support from BACA via weekly teleconference calls, instant messaging, email and secured web based training videos. Additionally, as part of our support system, a client will be allowed up to two additional one day return visits to the Busch Chiropractic Clinic for in office observation.

* Each client will be trained in the DRS™ protocol, which is a specific treatment regimen. Trained doctors will also be able to use “DRS™ protocol” in their marketing efforts should they choose to do so.

* Each client of the program will have the opportunity to go through the on-site seminar and unlimited number of times in the first year for no extra cost. You can also send through any existing or new staff member so everyone is on board with a system that is dedicated to patient results.

* As a special addition the doctor will receive the home study course, a $4995.00 value! The home study course includes 12 DVD’s and 19 Audio CD’s of the lectures as well as transcripts of the training program.

* BONUS! Special patient handling DVD for the proper handling of the new patient and the new patient phone call. An excellent way to train your staff and bring them up to date right away! This is a $1995.00 value!

* Finally, a client of BACA will have access to our proven marketing materials including our TV and radio commercials, scripts, print ads and many more advertising pieces being created every day. From the beginning we have believe marketing the Doctor as a Disc Specialist is the key to separating from other Doctor’s in your area. As a new part of the program, the doctor will have 1 professionally filmed television commercial and 1 radio commercial ready for air when they return home. There is also a personal website template provided based on the Busch Chiropractic website should you choose to use it.

* When it comes to marketing, we know what works and we know how to present it in a manner that is received well by the public and by health care professionals in the community.

Busch All Cash Academy Will Significantly Impact Your Total Practice Freedom!

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